Noteworthy Clients

Thank you for your Repeat business


Oakmont of Pacific Beach

Bacilla|Stephenson Duo have already performed for multiple events for this excellent new retirement community establishment.  Thanks to Albert and all of the staff for such a welcoming atmosphere.



Morgan Run

Under the name of "San Diego Guitar Duo" Craig and Mark performed every Saturday from 2013 to 2015, and have played there off and on for special events from 2012 to 2016.

Anne FOley

Our contact for booking at Morgan Run is the wonderful Anne Foley, many thanks to Anne for all the years of support and interest in our duo!

Jennifer Ohmstede

Thank you to Senior Director at the SDCMS, Jennifer Ohmstede, for making our classical guitars the ambiance of choice for the SDCMS network gatherings for so many years.  We appreciate the opportunity to regularly perform for your distinguished partners in the medical field.


We have performed for SDCMS gatherings for many years, both at hotel functions and the private homes of the SDCMS members. 


American Heart Association

Our duos most common booking is for corporate/organization staff dinner and networking events.  We are honored to perform for individuals that do such important work helping others.




The faculty of LMU has enjoyed the music of Craig's romantic guitar performances for 7 consecutive years and counting.  He has had the pleasure of performing for LMU's staff awards event every year since 2009.  It's a bit of a drive, but a gig he looks forward to every February.  With one of the world's greatest guitarists and head of the Guitar Foundation of America on the LMU music faculty (Martha Masters), Craig is honored to have the opportunity to present the classical guitar and its beautiful repertoire to a significant portion of the LMU staff members.




Bacilla|Stephenson Guitar Duo had the opportunity to take center stage at the 2017 Coronado Flower Show!   Special thanks to Phil Imming for the booking and for the excellent sound cascading 360 degrees from the stage by Paul at the board.  We appreciate the overwhelming support and accolades and are looking forward to being back for 2018!




Craig and Mark (as the San Diego Guitar Duo) performed Italian music weekly at the Bahia Resort Hotel for their "Italian Nights" summer event for three years in a row.  This has been one of our favorites steady gigs to date.  Fun atmosphere, great people, amazing food, and Italian music... can't wait to get back to it!  



Firefly at The Dana in Mission Bay

The Bacilla|Stephenson Duo has performed numerous times in recent months at this laid-back local venue.  Most of our performances are for private events... so we look forward to the Firefly dates as they give us a chance to invite friends, family, students, and fans of our music out to hear us perform.